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Qatar National Library in Pictures

If you follow me on social media, you will notice my admiration for the architecture of my workplace. What I love about the Qatar National Library building: Even two years after moving in, I still discover stunning new perspectives almost on a daily basis depending on my location, angle of view and time of the day. To honor and illustrate this, here is a selection of my favorite pictures I have taken over the past year of the Library’s exterior and interior. I hope they will convey some of the fascinating aura that surrounds this place.


Doha’s ever-changing face

One of Doha’s major landmarks is its impressive skyline. In comparison to other metropolises around the world, a remarkable detail about it is the fast pace with which it is changing. Permanent (re)construction and growth is a distinct feature of Qatar’s capital and there is no better place to follow this as by looking at the skyline over time (here is the picture I used for an earlier post which is from 2007, see the huge difference)! As a result of this, by the way, it seems to be really difficult to get recent post cards showing the skyline. So you better take your camera and shoot some pictures by yourself!

Doha Recap #1 – podcast about my first two weeks in Doha

It is time to look back at my first two weeks in Doha! Instead of presenting you a long text to go through, I decided to go for a podcast and talk about my experiences so far, so you could actually listen to me. In this first recap, you will hear about my workplace, my apartment and neighborhood, traffic in Doha, food and shopping, some sightseeing and more. Also, make sure to check out my flickr profile with pictures of most of what I mention.

Please let me know what you think about this kind of recap and if you prefer this to a standard blog post. It still takes quite some time to prepare everything, but I’d be happy to go on with this!

It’s happening, I am moving to Qatar!

Some of you already got the news back in November through Facebook and Twitter, but now it is getting serious: In less than two weeks, I am going to move to Doha, Qatar! My first full-time position as a new grad will take me to Qatar National Library where I will start working as a Music Information Service Librarian.

As you can imagine, I am absolutely excited and look forward to this experience, not only for becoming a part of this fascinating library project, but also for getting to know life and culture of the Gulf region!

As soon as I have settled in, I will try to report about my abroad experience on a regular basis. Meanwhile, check my tweets for the latest updates.

Talk to you soon from Doha!